Electronic Prescribing - Zedmed Version 32

Available in Zedmed Version 32 and above


Electronic Prescribing is now supported by Zedmed. To enable electronic prescribing, check the Electronic Prescribing checkbox on the Drugs tab in the Global Options.

A new permission level has been added for prescribing electronically, and the Doctor role will have this permission by default. This permission can be found in the Encounters section of the functions list.

On the Script Details screen a new button has been added for prescribing electronically. This is optional and the doctor can choose to use the existing Prescribe button to continue to issue paper scripts.

When a prescriber chooses to prescribe electronically, they can review all prescription details once again before submitting the prescription. They can also set an email address or mobile phone number for the token of the prescription to be sent to, or alternatively print the token on paper for the patient to take away with them.

A Prescriber can also indicate if an electronic prescription is a confirmation of a verbal authority to a pharmacy for an urgent supply.

Due to government requirements, electronic prescriptions that have been cancelled cannot be deleted. An audit log will be maintained in the database for all electronic prescriptions issued.


  • As of this release, the Electronic Prescribing feature is available to limited State and Territories only. Due to the ongoing regulatory issues within some  States and Territories, ePrescribing is currently only available for use in Victoria and the Northern Territory.

  • For prescribers in Victoria, when prescribing Prostaglandins, Ovulatory Stimulants, Retinoids and Thalidomide (that cause severe birth defects) must manually enter/type-in the warrant number into the Dosing Instructions field on the Script Details screen.

  • Prescribers need to make sure that the patient has access to a pharmacy who can fill an electronic prescription.

  • Electronic Prescribing feature is not available in Briefcase mode.


  • The site must be on Zedmed Version 32 or later.

  • The site must have the HI service already set up and functioning within Zedmed.

  • Individual Prescribers must be registered with ERX or MediSecure for electronic transfer of Prescriptions and already set up in Zedmed.