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Start Encounter (F10)

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Finish Encounter (Ctrl + F10)


Import Laboratory Results (Ctrl + F6)

Results Inbox (F6)

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Travel Information

MIMS Information (F8)

Patient Education Leaflets (Ctrl + L)

Pregnancy Calculator



eHealth PIP Web Links


Outstanding Referrals

Chronic Disease Module

Flexi Report

Incomplete Results

Patient Problem/RFE Report

Patient Immunisation Report

Patient Drug Report

Patients Missing Allergy Info Report

Australian Primary Care Collaboratives (APCC)


Transmit to ACIR

ACIR Report

Pregnancy Report

Tracking Health Record uploads


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Scan Documents and Results (F11)

Spell Check (F12)

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Pathology Test Groups

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Recipe Drugs

 Clinical WP Setup

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Intramail (F7)

 Briefcase Mode

Batch Script Print

Printer Setup (F5)


Patient Merger

Create Problems by Letter Search

Ummunisation Tidier

Address Book Tidier

Reset Merge In Progress Flag

Hide Clinical Templates

Convert Database to Natural Language (ICPC)

ICPC Problem Mapper

Usual Doctor

User Defined Allergies Bulk Editor


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