Problems - COVID 19 ICPC Update

The latest ICPC file and instructions to update in Zedmed (run as admin from the server) has been sent out to the ICPC registered email address in your Clinic.

Seven new terms have been added to allow you to capture various aspects of the COVID-19 outbreak in your health records, as outlined in the table below.

ICPC-2 PLUS codeTerm description
A23026At risk;COVID-19
R27003Concern (about);COVID-19
A67031Referral;fever clinic
R45005  Advice/education;COVID-19

Each of these terms can also be found using part or all of the keyword ‘CORONAVIRU’ (please remember that ICPC-2 PLUS keywords are restricted to 10 characters).

Other ICPC-2 PLUS terms that may be relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic include:

ICPC-2 PLUS codeTerm description

If you haven't received an email and have a current ICPC subsription please contact: Email: or Phone:+61 2 9351 9772