Zedmed Version 31

We are excited to announce that Zedmed Version 31 has completed its pilot and is now available for general release. This release contains a number of functional, security updates and performance updates and we highly recommend you install it at your earliest convenience.

Key Highlights

When enabled at a Branch level, Patients will now be able to reply to Appointment Reminder messages through 2-way SMS. Patients will be able to be directly messaged from the new Messages option in Patient Details or from the Appointment Report.

With the introduction of 2-Way SMS, we have included a Message Manager feature, allowing users to view all incoming, outgoing messages and messages that have failed to send.

A new permission has been added for non-doctors to see messages sent through Clinical in the Patient Details and the Message Manager.

2-Way SMS is supported for SMS Central and SMS Everyone and SMS messages are now sent using the more secure HTTPS connection method.

Office now includes a Notification Panel on the right-hand side. It currently displays notifications for Intramail and SMS messages.

For Intramail notifications, the count of unread messages will be displayed. Clicking on the notification will display the Intramail window. Intramail will be checked for new messages every minute.

For 2-Way SMS notifications, when a message that needs to be actioned is received, a notification will also be displayed. Clicking on this notification will display the Message Manager window. SMS messages will also be checked every minute.

If Zedmed is being used on Windows 8 or above, a notification pop-up is also displayed in the bottom right of the screen for both Intramail and 2-Way SMS notifications.


As part of Zedmed’s ongoing efforts to improve the security of our products, there have been many enhancements to security in this release including:

  • MEDIPAK User

    • The MEDIPAK user has been disabled and can no longer be used to log into the software. If your practice uses this account, please create another administrator account with a new password. Zedmed staff will now log into your software during support calls with the ZEDSUP account, which uses a 2-factor authentication mechanism which is unavailable to anyone outside of Zedmed.

  • Improved User Password Management

    • Zedmed now requires a password of at least 8 characters. This cannot be disabled.

    • Each user can now change their own password in Office using the “Change Password” button in the Utilities tab.

    • Passwords can also now be set to expire after a specified time period.

    • Minimum password complexity rules can now be set for the password, including mandating uppercase, lowercase and symbols can be included. When the complexity is set above the “Off” setting, commonly used and simple passwords will not be accepted. This does not affect existing passwords.

    • A handy password complexity indicator has been added to the password change dialogue box to allow the user to see how strong their password is.

    • Passwords are no longer limited to a maximum of 12 characters.

When prescribing, Clinical now has the ability to check a patient’s prescription against the SafeScript or National Data Exchange database.

A notification bar is displayed to the user showing if the drug is safe to prescribe or if there is a warning.

Click here for further detail on Safescript real-time monitoring.

Nimenrix now displays in the schedule for 4vMenCV, and the MenB Vaccination schedule for South Australia has been corrected.

The Version 31 Uprader will now install the 64bit version of the Firebird database engine. This will provide better performance on sites with heavy database usage or a large number of users

When creating HL7 2.4 Referral messages the message content will include a PDF, rather than a RTF, depending on a setting set for the Referral Doctor.

To perform the upgrade

Zedmed subscribers can access the full release notes and upgrade files in the Client Login Portal of our website.

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