Setup Link with Third Party Clinical Program

Create a Link Between Zedmed Office and 3rd Party Clinical Program


This document provides a guide on how to create a link between Zedmed Office and a 3rd party clinical software programs such as Medical Director and Best Practice where . The below instructions are for Medical Director; however the process within Zedmed is exactly the same, just the entries will differ. For further assistance within both programs, please contact your relevant software provider.

Setup Link with Medical Director 3 in Zedmed

Open up the Third Party Links window from the Utilities tab within Zedmed Office Under the section "When Medication is clicked", put a tick in the Open Medical Director (DDE) option, this will then enable the Options button. Select the Options button and enter the path to the executable file for Medical Director, and set the File format to MD2 Zedmed Office will now display an additional Menu called Clinical Information
If using Audit4 or similar, set the options as follows:

The path for both Options buttons should be set to the same location as follows:

Under the section "When a patient is added or changed, automatically", put a tick in the Append to, this will then enable the Option button. Select the Options button and enter the UNC path to the transfer directory on the server, set the File format to MD2

Setup Link with Medical Director in Medical Director

Within Medical Director, go to Tools > Options Go to the Links tab, under the Link details section, tick Link to billing package, then select Link to Other Billing Package, and then select the Set advanced link options button If any of these options are greyed out, go back one screen and select PracSoft, and select OK. Close out of MD and log back in again and follow the previous step. Ensure there are no ticks in this options window.

Select Save

Setting the link to pick up the file Zedmed creates

Open HCN Maintenance, open Link File Processor Set the Path to Transfer Path to the location where the Zedmed\Transfer directory is on the server and tick Delete link file after reading? Select the Advanced tab, ensure no ticks are on this screen, and then select OK
To test the connection for the use the button inside Zedmed called Export to MD

This will then generate a file with the contents of the Zedmed DB as follows: