How to create Appointment Types

Activity Types can be dissected further into Appointment Types. Consultations can be broken down to Short, Standard, Long, Prolonged, New Patient or Review,

or Operations can be broken down to the procedure level. You can use the Appointment Types below to do so. You must have previously defined the

Appointment Activity Types that you intend to use first.

Create Appointment Types

  1. Navigate to the Management Tab → Practice Setup → Appointments → Appointment Types
  2. Click on the New button
  3. Enter a name for the Appointment Type e.g. Telehealth
  4. Enter a Code (When deciding on a code use a logical convention e.g. C for Consultation, O for Operation, V for Visit, M for Meetings followed by a
    duration in minutes or hours. Thus C15 means a 15-minute consultation, V30 is a 30 minute home visit and an O2H is a two hour operation. The
    codes will print on the Appointment Listing.
  5. Enter the duration for the Appointment Type.
  6. Use the Colour Selection Options to assign different colours to different Appointment Types.
  7. Click on the Close button to save.