How to Create Activity Types and Schedules

In order to manage an effective Appointment Book for your clinic, it is important to have schedules set up for your doctor(s) and other resources (i.e. practice nurse).
The first step to creating Schedules is to ensure you have Activity Types set up. These will be used in the schedule to indicate the types of appointments that can be booked at that time. For example, you may keep time slots for Urgent appointments or New Patients or Operations etc.

Activity Types

  • Go to "Management".
  • Select "Practice Set Up".
  • Select "Appointments".
  • Select "Activity Types".
  • Click "New".
  • Enter the description for your activity type.
  • Set the background colour.
  • Click "Close".
  • You will need to log out and back into Zedmed to start using these Activity Types.

Creating a Schedule

  • Go to "Appointments".
  • Select "View".
  • Select "Setup".
  • Select "Schedules".

  • Select the "Doctor" you need to create a schedule.
  • Click "Add".
  • Enter a "Start Date" (ideally this should be a Sunday), if this will be an ongoing schedule leave the "End Date" blank, and determine a cycle (i.e. weekly {7}, rotating fortnightly {14} etc.)
  • Then go to "Graphic Display".

You can change your View from 30 mins if needed, for example with detailed Schedules of 10 minute time slots.

  • Right click on the appropriate time slot.
  • Select "New Session" (or Double Click).
  • Set your "End Time" as Appropriate.
  • Select the correct "Slot Length".
  • Choose an "Activity Type".

Continue adding sessions as needed.
You can also copy and paste sessions where time and type match.
When your schedule is complete, "Close" the Graphic Display.

  • Close out of your Set Schedules screen.
  • Always select "Yes" to checking for conflicts.

Extending a Schedule (One Off Adjustments)

If a doctor wants to extend their schedule (working extra hours on one day) - without changing their permanent or ongoing schedule. This can be done through the appointments grid.

  • Select the "Doctor/Resource" in question.
  • Right click on the day you need to extend.
  • Select "Extend Schedule" and add in the extra session.

Bear in mind, this should only be used for one off extensions. If it is going to be an ongoing or permanent change it should be adjusted through the schedules.

Changing an Ongoing Schedule

To make a change to an Ongoing Schedule, you must first end the existing schedule.
Ideally if your Schedules are set up as per our recommendations they should run from a Sunday through to Saturday week. Therefore Sunday will be your zero '0' day (and Monday Day 1 etc.). If this is not the case you can check your Sessions (in Schedule Setup) to see which day your Schedule begins. This determines the End Date & subsequent Start Date.

  • Enter an "End Date" and tab.
  • Click on "Copy" and select a "New Start Date" (make sure this corresponds with your current Schedules zero day – e.g. if Sunday is your zero day, begin on a Sunday).

  • In Graphic Display and adjust the schedule as needed.
  • Right click to "Edit" or "Delete" where necessary.

Trouble Shooting

A conflict will be created if two or more schedules for the same Doctor overlap. The system does not allow one person to be in two places at the same time. When a Conflict is created within the Appointment Schedules it will disable your Appointment Grid.
Zedmed will advise you of the date & time that the Conflict has occurred.

To resolve this:

  • Go to the "Schedule".
  • Locate the "Conflicting Sessions" (the start and end date provide the best clue).
  • Delete the incorrect sessions first and then delete the schedule. Log back into the Appointment grid to confirm it is resolved.