Setting up Surgical Procedures

The application for surgical procedures has been introduced to Zedmed in version 30 and allows additional information, relating to surgical procedures, to be accessed from the Appointments screen.

To utilise this application there are two sections where setup is required;

Appointment Types

First, you will need to setup an appointment type for surgical procedures; this can be done by opening Zedmed (Office) and:

     1.  Select the Management tab

     2.  Click on Setup

     3.  Go to Appointments

     4.  Select Appointment Types

This will open the Appointment Types window

In Appointment Types add a new appointment type by selecting New.

Fill in the appropriate details for the appointment type ensuring you have the Surgical Procedure checkbox ticked.

Select OK to save the appointment type.  It will now be avialble to utilise with your appointments

You can also modify any of your existing appointment types, to be used for surgical procedures, by selecting from your list of appointment types (listed in the upper left section of the window) and then ticking the Surgical Procedure checkbox

Drop-Down List Management

, Instruments, Procedure Type, and Prosthesis are all available to be used with Surgical Procedures and can be customised by going to Management > Practice Setup > Drop-Down List Management.

In each of the sections in Drop-Down List Management an item can be added, by selecting Add Value.

If you wish to delete an item you may do so, by selecting the item and then selecting Delete Value, providing the item hasn't yet been used.
If you have used an item, but no longer want it to be available for use, you can un-tick the box in the Active column of the corresponding item.

If you have multiple branches setup you can select which branches an item is available for by having the appropriate checkboxes ticked in the corresponding branch column/s

Having done the required setup, you can start using the Surgical Procedures application.  For more information on how to apply surgical Procedure, please see our article Using Surgical Procedures.