Zedmed Doctor's App

The Zedmed Doctor's App requires Version 30.2 and above.

To authorise The Doctor's App follow the instructions below:

  • Call our Support Team on 1300 933 000 and we’ll install a security management tool on your server alongside your Zedmed installation.

  • Link your phone to your practice through a QR code.

  • The app will then confirm your identity and permissions within the practice using your Zedmed login and password.

  • Finally we confirm that information is sent to the correct device through an SMS authorisation.

Once the initial authorisation is complete, you use either your Zedmed credentials, or a pin number generated through the app to easily log into the Doctor’s App for day-to-day use.

The Zedmed Doctor's App is available for iOS and Android for more information click here

This step must be completed as part of the set up

  1. Log into Zedmed

  2. Utilities

  3. Security

  4. Roles

  5. Doctor

  6. Ensure the API Access is listed under Included Functions

Before creating the QR code the Doctor’s mobile number must be entered in the mobile field

  1. Log into Zedmed

  2. Utilities

  3. Security

  4. Select the Doctor

  5. Enter mobile number in the mobile field

  6. Click on App access

  7. Click New and enter a description

  8. The QR code will display

  9. Doctor to download the app on their phone and scan the QR code

For more information on the Dr’s app Zedmed set up watch the video below